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  • Fertility Medication is Highly Specific. You Need a Fertility Specialty Pharmacy with Integrity

  • Fertility Medication is Costly. You Need a Fertility Specialty Pharmacy with Integrity

  • Fertility Medication is Essential. You Need a Fertility Specialty Pharmacy with Integrity

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Jeffrey K. Karp, Pharm.D. Founder & CEO

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Patient Communications

  • We can’t say enough good things about Integrity Rx! They have provided us with an invaluable service. Integrity Rx is warm, welcoming, and make what could be a stressful situation into a special encounter every time you walk through the door. Jeff is unbelievably kind and generous, and has an awesome staff to match. Nickey, the patient care coordinator is simply amazing, so helpful and so kind! Thank you – Integrity Rx, we love ya!


  • This is a very amazing company. The people are kind, and they worked very hard to get me my meds. There had been a mess up with Fed Ex so they had my meds same day shipped to make sure I had them in time. I feel very blessed to be be able to work with a company who is so dedicated to helping those who are going through the fertility process. And have understanding and kindness to what goes on.


  • You guys are the best! I especially appreciate the help from Jeff and Lisa, at any hour of the night. You guys are great to our patients — it’s incredible how much patients save by ordering through you guys.  We appreciate you!


  • This is NOT your average pharmacy. I cannot say enough good things about the service and dedication you will find here!

    — C.R.

  • It's been an extremely difficult journey of trying to get pregnant and going through a miscarriage, and having to deal with matters like insurance. On Monday, Jeff was conferenced in to help work through my situation and his compassion and understanding were just more than I could take and I had to let out a big (and embarrassing) cry.

    - S.L.