About Us

Our company name, Integrity Rx, speaks well to the tremendous value we place on how we conduct business and how passionately we care for our patients, their prescribers, our other customers, as well as our industry partners and third party payers.

Our company mission is in part to develop deeply meaningful, long lasting and fully transparent relationships that bring about a successful outcome, for everyone. Our relationships are built one at a time, on a strong foundation of Integrity, trust, and a relentless devotion to providing every one of our customers with the best customer service experience and access to the best clinical specialty pharmacists in the industry.

These traits which we all hold dear come together in symphony to make Integrity Rx a specialty partner well worthy of your consideration. Let us earn your trust. We take great care of every one of our patients. We also deliver on our commitment to patient success by developing best practices which help to decrease patient stress and help to improve patient outcome.

  • Jeffrey K. Karp, Pharm. D, Owner, Fertility Pharmacist, CEO, child through IVF, 18+ years experience in Fertility.
  • 24/7 Pharmacist on call.
  • Patients contacted soon after receiving prescriptions order.
  • Nationally Competitive Pricing.
  • Save 30-40% off select medications through our participation with pharmaceutical discount plans.
  • Full insurance benefit verification/ Prior Authorization Support.
  • “Donate It Forward” program providing additional savings for our patients.
  •  National Advocate protecting RE rights.
  • Complimentary FedEx and UPS overnight shipping in most cases, same day delivery available in certain markets.


Jeffrey K. Karp, Pharm. D.
President, CEO & Owner
Office (480)434-6505
Cell (602)418-8532

David Baker
Executive Vice President- Fertility Sales
Cell  (619)857-5500

Shawn Elliott
Executive Vice President- Financial Operations
Office (480) 434-6510

Lisa M. Franklin
Director of Marketing/ Practice Liaison
Cell (480) 258-1651

Jamie Glass, CPhT
Call Center Supervisor
Office (480) 434-6500

Wen Wen D. Bates, CPhT
Mandarin Team Leader
Fertility Patient Care Coordinator
Office (800) 321-9956 Option 4

Please Note – All Sales Are Final: For reasons of consumer protection, Federal Law prohibits the return of prescription medication to the pharmacy.  Therefore, your medication is non-returnable and non-refundable. This ensures that the medication you purchase from us has been maintained properly and has not been tampered with. Integrity Rx will not accept any medication for return or refund. 

Also note, we do not take responsibility for unused medication. You are not required to purchase everything all at once unless your prescriber says otherwise.  We are happy to review your protocol and send you only what you need upfront, in stages, to avoid you being stuck with unused medication.  For more information, give us a call at 800-321-9956.