Integrity Rx Specialty Pharmacy is excited to annouce our partnership with Village Pharmacy

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Why choose a specialty Fertility Pharmacy

A specialty pharmacy is a pharmacy dedicated to patients with only one specific type of medical concern. Similar to a reproductive endocrinologist, our specialty fertility pharmacy focuses on the treatment of infertility only. In the era of modern medicine, this distinction is critically important. As a physician cannot be a specialist in all diseases such as cancer, sports injuries and infectious disease as examples, neither can a pharmacy be a specialist in all diseases.


What distinguishes Integrity Rx

Our company name, Integrity Rx, speaks to the tremendous value that all of us place on how we conduct business and care for our patients and their reproductive endocrinologists.

We develop meaningful long-lasting relationships that bring about successful outcomes. Our relationships are built one at a time, on a strong foundation of integrity, trust and relentless devotion to our patients.

These traits which we all hold dear come together in symphony to make Integrity Rx a specialty partner second to none. We take great care of every one of our patients.

Unique qualities of the Integrity Rx specialty pharmacy

  • Our founder has two decades as a nationally recognized fertility pharmacist
  • Our founder and his wife are proud parents of an IVF son
  • 24/7 access to one of our fertility pharmacists, often our founder
  • Our patients are contacted within 2 hours of receiving a prescription
  • Our Integrity Rx Interface specialty program
  • Full insurance benefit verification
  • Complimentary FEDEX and UPS overnight shipping in most cases
  • Same day delivery in certain locations
Mother and Child

The Integrity Rx patient interface

In 2018 our information technology team with direction from our clinical administrative staff designed our Integrity Rx patient interface from a blank slate. Our goal was to create a seamless communication path from the fertility office to Integrity Rx to you and back to the office. A communication path that fits your availability and your needs. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to those who contributed to this unique and exceptional communication and safety pathway. Our goal at Integrity Rx is always accuracy, compassion, safety and service.